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REPUVE´S RFID tag is show to be incorporated in vehicles.

It´s vehicle identification functionality works from long distances without having to go through specific zones  or lecture portals and works with speed up to 220 km/hr.

It’s design is based on generating information for safety to fight felony commited with the use of a automovile in a public road.

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The omni directional reading diameter is 200 m, with which it replaces any other similar technology, like the passive Tag, which is a RFID Tag with very short reach and high limitations, and has been proved trere eficiency in EPC and not in long range ID.

The most powerful middleware interacting with RFID flow make REPUVE’S Active Tag the greatest sistem for registry and identification on any region of the planet.

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For more information, please write to: and we will gladly contact you.
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